Welcome Lovely Other!

Somewhere along the crooked path, though deep and dark in the wildwood, I began to find that there were others. Others whose paths would twist and cross with mine. Things change when you confer with others– no longer can the work stay comfortably in the imaginal. With others, things become real, and the world around you starts to change. I owe it to these others who've taught me magic big and small, who've nurtured the wild seed of witchfire within me.

After many years of many nights together spent dancing for the goddess, these special others helped me see what I had become. The years of study, exploration, and weirdness had not only forged a magic in me, but also in these lovely others. They spoke of my counsel, the many readings and rituals that helped them find their power– in truth, they had helped me build mine.

In time, the circle of others grew, weaving in the threads of friends, lovers, and teachers. Soon it extended far past the sphere of proximity and became a web spun in spaces physical and digital alike. This mycelial network of others reverberates with more knowledge, power, and magic than I could ever have fathomed holding on my own.

With this humble space, I hope to extend this network even further, grafting in those who seek community and wish to nurture it. As I continue to study and explore, this space will serve as a way to share what I find and learn in public. I look forward to our dialogue and appreciate your interest and support in this experiment.

It is in these times of chaos and uncertainty that the magic of "we" is most potent. May you find the resonance of belonging in these words and ways. Welcome lovely other!

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