My Top 8 Magic and Occult Podcasts

Podcasts are one of my favorite ways to keep up with what is happening in the occult community. Interviews with researchers and practitioners expose me to new ideas, books, and methods of working that help me to learn and enrich my own practice and knowledge-base.

There's an incredibly kind and supportive community behind this niche podcast cluster, and by reaching out to hosts and guests I've made friends, found mentors, and gotten a few opportunities to join in on the conversation!

Starting out as a shy solo practitioner content with hiding away and reading my books, it took some time for me to understand how powerful it is to take part in magical community. One can only be the wizard in the tower for so long before ideas stagnate and inspiration atrophies.

These podcasts (in no particular order) have been rich entry points for me into the magical and occult community. I still actively listen to many of these today and hope they enchant you just as much as they do me!

SaturnVox Podcast Cover Art


Interview-based podcast on occult philosophy, education, theology, and critical thinking.

Hosted by witch and mystic McCalla Ann, SaturnVox explores so many different topics across philosophy and esotericism that any curious occultnik is sure to find at least a few episodes that tickle their fancy. McCalla has a talent for enriching and framing their guest's stories with both scholarly and mystic knowledge while still keeping topics approachable and relevant to listeners at all levels of familiarity.

My favorite episode so far is Scrying for Portals - On Folklore and Fairytales in the Nativity with guest Sasha Ravitch. It's a fascinating dialogue on astrology, necromancy, and the power of storytelling as part of divination that has greatly impacted the way I read nativities.

Witchhassle Podcast Cover Art


Conversational podcast on all things occult, with a particularly good look at how practitioners of many different traditions work and operate.

Hosted by poet and diviner Cooper Wilhelm, Witchhassle episodes never fail to entertain with their depth, wit, and humor. With such a broad range of traditions and backgrounds featured on the show, there's a lot on offer for those looking to deepen and develop their own magical practice, particularly in the "Altared States" series which explores astromagical practitioners and their relationships with the seven classical planets.

The episode that struck me as most unique is Britta Ager and The Scent of Ancient Magic which delves into the rich connection between scents and their power in ritual magic as explored in the Greco-Roman world. It's a detailed chat that covers both the academic study and practical human experience of the sensual and its impact on the mind.

Rendering Unconscious Podcast Cover Art

Rendering Unconscious

Interview and lecture-based podcast centering psychoanalysis in conversation with creatives, clinicians, and occultists of many different backgrounds and theoretical lenses.

Hosted by the multi-talented Dr. Vanessa Sinclair with many contributions and appearances by their partner Carl Abrahamsson, Rendering Unconscious presents the great minds of psychoanalysis who are leading the field to greater inclusivity and nuance. Much more than a podcast for clinicians, artists, poets, and magical practitioners are all frequent guests.

I find myself sharing episodes from this podcast more than any of the others that I listen to– partially because of the depth, but also due to the great breadth of subject matters and content types. The two that I've found myself returning to most often are Carl's lecture Embracing Magical Realism, which is a must-listen for anyone who wishes to lead a more authentically-enchanted life, and Vanessa's conversation with Dr. Isabel Millar on AI, Psychoanalysis, The Body, The Future, and Film. It's an essential exploration of AI's impact on humanity that's grounded in a refreshingly sound understanding of the technology behind generative AI, machine learning, and the forces driving its development.

Spirit Box Podcast Cover Art

Spirit Box

Conversational podcast exploring folklore, esoterica, and the mysteries of the spirit world through the stories and experiences of a varied group of magical guests.

Hosted by the ever-charming, dulcet-voiced Darragh Mason, Spirit Box has been my go-to podcast for learning more about fairies, magical gardening, and the Dark Man. The casual tone and great humor is consistently delightful across every episode, with fascinating guests that share their personal experiences in a way that feels very special and intimate.

Again, this show is frequently in my listening queue and it's difficult to pick a favorite, but the one episode really stands out to me is the singularly engrossing storytelling of Shullie H. Portner on working with the Dark Man. The sage wisdom and cheeky wit presented by The Delightful Mrs. P recounts a familiar tie to darker forces and some sound advice on working with him respectfully.

Glitch Bottle Podcast Cover Art

Glitch Bottle

Interview-based podcast with a focus on ceremonial magic, grimoires, and the experiences of those who use them.

Alexander Eth's smooth radio voice and top-notch production are somehow only usurped by the immense cache of grimoire knowledge shared across the many episodes of this show. If you're interested in ceremonial magic, this is an incredible resource for finding books, thinkers, and new ways of working with spirit. With a kind and oft-repeated prompting to get out of the armchair and into the casting circle, Glitch Bottle is an indispensable resource for deepening your own practice no matter your experience level.

The episode that finally moved me to experiment with grimoire magic was non other than the discussion on 'An Excellent Booke of the Arte of Magick' with Dr. Al Cummins. This cunning conversation with the ceaselessly-clever Dr. Al presents the titular tome published by my ever-favorite Scarlet Imprint and explores the magical works of new word occultists Humphrey Gilbert and John Davis. A must-listen for anyone interested in the treasures of the grimoiric tradition.

Rune Soup Podcast Cover Art

Rune Soup

Conversational and lecture-based podcast that explores nearly every facet of the occult, magic, and the paranormal.

No matter how you may lean politically, there is no denying the landmark importance of Gordon White's Rune Soup podcast. Beginning with the 'Find the Others' series in early 2014, Rune Soup has gathered our community around bowl after knowledge-filled bowl of captivating conversations with magical thinkers, philosophers, and practitioners for nearly a decade. There is no better repository of occultists-in-conversation than the archives of this show. While Gordon's learnedness and deep practical experience is readily apparent, there's a true tenderness and love of the rich diversity of the magical world that is threaded into each episode.

While there are many episodes of Rune Soup worth sharing and discussing, the one I've found myself returning to for inspiration is Talking the Brazen Vessel With Scarlet Imprint. One of my favorite works on magical thinking, practice, and partnership– The Brazen Vessel acts as the centerpiece for a conversation on the state of the occult and its role in the wider, turbulent world. Alkistis Dimech and Peter Grey offer the knowledge they've developed over a decade of praxis and poetic insight that's sure to enrich your own esoteric perspective.

Secret Antenna Podcast Cover Art

Secret Antenna

A research and discussion-based podcast where two friends discuss the occulted themes of modern history as a story of overlapping, subterranean spy syndicates, clandestine government hangouts, and powerful propaganda machines that have shaped the cultural-political moment of present-day America.

Hosts Michelle Embree and Kallie Tiffau share their humor and deep research into occulted historical events on a show that never ceases to be fun. Some may call it a "conspiracy theory" podcast, but I'd rather call it a political re-education. Well researched with historical sources and the latest memes, this show is my go-to when I need a good laugh at how horrible the world is getting.

My favorite episodes of Secret Antenna are the two-part series that cover Erica Lagalisse's book The Occult Features of Anarchism. It takes a heady dive into understanding our current form of politics as a form of religion, and the ways in which the anarchism of revolutionary movements relates to hermeticism.

Occulted Podcast Cover Art


A conversation-based podcast that centers the occult thinkers and makers who drive culture and thought forward from within the shadows.

Full disclosure... this is my podcast. But it only felt right to include here amongst the greats of the occult podcast world that inspired this very project. If you'd like to support the work that I'm doing to build our community and create a platform for each of us to share our stories, please consider signing up as a paid member.

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