Intro to Astromagic: Working Ritually with the Seven Classical Planets

What even IS astromagic?

This short post consists of some of my notes from a talk I gave on getting started with astromagic through daily ritual practice by observing planetary days and hours.

More detailed content on astromagic is on the way!

Planetary Ritual

Why I Work

  • To build a relationship with energies, archetypes, and entities of the planets to be better able to move and act in conference with them, rather than against them

When I Work

  • Planetary Days
  • Planetary Hours (if possible)
  • Try to make sure the Moon is in good condition (if possible)
  • If the planet is retrograde or in poor condition, I often skip, or just do something small

Ways of Working

  • Altar building with symbols and correspondences to planet
  • Burning candles/incense related to planet (or just use frankincense)
  • Meditate on the planet and how its themes might be present in my outer/inner life
  • Reading/writing of poetry associated with planet (Orphic Hymns)
  • Other planetary-related activities (Dancing for Venus, Drinking for Jupiter, Weightlifting for Mercury, Sexual energy expression for Mars)
  • Planetary Charity (especially for Malefics) - giving time or money to a cause that aligns with the wishes of the planet

Big or Small Effort

  • Big: many of the things above
  • Make sure to do during planetary hour
  • Sometimes I finish in the second hour of the day
  • Small: Quick candle lighting, prayer, or note in a journal
  • Can be anywhere, even if you're not by your altar
  • If I'm travelling, I try to bring something from my altar

Working With Malefics

Difficult, but not always bad... difficulty is an opportunity to learn


  • Learning how to take a difficult planet or placement and:
  • create a safe container to express malefic energies
  • apply the energy in a way that reduces harm or even has some benefit
  • Powerful way of working with and integrating shadow aspects of self in a way that's more easily relatable through archetypes
  • Structure of week makes it easier to regularly confront difficult things


  • Can bring up difficult feelings and topics - just like any confrontation of difficulty, make sure you're well-resourced
  • May bring about real change, quickly!

Working With Benefics


  • Beautiful way to resonate with planetary archetypes in a uniquely personal way - derive your own meaning!
  • Lots of inspiration for creative practices
  • Will positively impact your relationships (Especially Venus!)


  • Like any relationship, it requires some consistency and commitment - planets can feel a little disappointed sometimes, but never for long
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