Current Projects


WitchAid is a new experiment in community and mutual aid. As the the world again becomes more and more hostile toward those it deems as "other" it's ever more important for us to find ways in which we can connect and lift each other up. Using livestreams and donated time/energy from diviners and performers, we gather donations to support magical folk in need and build tools so that we can further network.

Occulted Podcast

Occulted is a new podcast that explores all things esoteric and hidden. Join us in conversation as we talk about the clandestine forces of magic, the occult, and creativity that drive culture forward from the shadows.


I've been experimenting with audio production and sound-making since I first bought a tape recorder at a garage sale when I was 10. Since then I've continued to learn and make things mostly using Ableton. If you'd like to collaborate on something, I'm looking for more opportunities to to mix/master and make remixes.

Opertus Systems

Need some technical support? I've worked in the tech industry for over 12 years and now provide consulting services to creators, small businesses, and startups. I'm a firm believer that tech should be accessible to everyone and doesn't need to be scary. Reach out if you think there's a way we might be able to work with one another!

Some Things I've Built Recently:

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