šŸ’œ Approach to Client Work

When working together in a spiritual context, presence and openness are essential to a constructive energetic exchange. I like to begin sessions by grounding ourselves in our shared intent and letting go of any unhelpful feelings of self-judgement. Regardless of the topic you choose to bring, my goal is to help you increase your agency in any situation through recognizing the power you hold in your unique ability to choose.

šŸ’ø Sliding-scale Pricing

I believe that spiritual consultation should be available to everyone and will do my best to work with you if you are unable to pay the listed prices or make an equivalent trade. Please reach out and introduce yourself if you'd like to work out custom pricing.

šŸŖ Natal Astrology (Birth Chart) Reading

60-minute recorded Zoom session - $120
Using a map of the sky at the time of your birth, we'll explore the the stories and imagery that has guided you ever since. These symbols can provide so much power and insight into whatever is most pressing in your life at the moment. Together we'll explore the gifts, difficulties, potentialities, and magic on offer to you from the stars past, present, and future.

šŸ¤– AI Imagery Divination

45-minute recorded Zoom session - $100
Using the latest in AI image generation techniques, we'll consult the oracle that is the "ghost in the machine" to give us insight into how to approach an important situation or scenario in your life. Much like a tarot reading, we'll derive meaning from images-- these images, however, are generated directly from your feelings on the topic at hand.

šŸ§™ Spiritual Consultation

90-minute recorded Zoom session - $225
For those looking for a more custom consultation on their occult studies, ritual practice, or esoteric predicaments. For serious seekers and those just starting out, this has long been the mode of knowledge transfer throughout the many eras of occult tradition. Please reach out with info on what you'd like to chat about before booking.

šŸ‘„ Reviews and Testimonials

"Every time I meet with Jove, I leave feeling energized, grounded, and ready to face life's twists and turns. Together we have confronted spiritual realities within myself that previously went neglected, unearthing and giving name to hidden truths and emotional complexities in my experiences. Particularly when delving into heavier topics, Jove's warm, wise presence never fails to open a calming space in which we can explore the shadows. Our sessions have transformed my understanding of what it means to be a witch practitioner in the modern world, and given me the tools and confidence to begin building my own magical practice. The new insights I gained made one session alone worthwhile, but I highly recommend ongoing sessions for anyone seeking to deepen their relationship with the mystical.
-Jean, Spiritual Consultation - 2023

"I've had the pleasure of knowing Jove for several years and experiencing his spiritual influence, power, and knowledge in many facets. From a hard truth tarot reading - all the way to finding our energies connecting in worlds unknown; Jove has been a gateway to understanding my own power and journey. Jove is a wonderful partner to guide you into learning more about yourself and all the other things around you that are yet to be unraveled."

  • Ashley, Natal Reading - 2022
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