New Lectures: Occulture & Astromagia 2023

I'm getting these posts out just as Mercury goes retrograde until April 24 – not the most auspicious timing, but sometimes the best timing is the timing we can make work!

This Spring has been one of many submissions and applications for me as I focus more on creative work and proposals for various open calls, residencies, and conferences.

Just as a long period of applications have come to a close, I'm able to share my talks from 2023:

Occulture Berlin 2023: Ekstasis Under the Moon (Nightlife magic, conference with the spiritual other, identity magic)

Astromagia 2023: Amplifying Magical Practice with Dramaturgical Thinking (Performance magic, sympathetic magic, mimesis)

Thank you to all of you who attended in real-time! I really enjoyed the whole process of putting these together and hope to do more in 2024. If any of you would like copies of the slides or the accompanying texts, please drop me an email:

May these times of turmoil roll off your back with ease and the stars only sing you songs of triumph!


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